Help Find Panda!

Jason Alvarez is lucky to be alive.

At about 1am on Wednesday morning, he was struck by what is believed to have been a drunk driver at the connection where the 60 and 710 freeways meet at the Downey exit.

Two of his windows were shattered and the accident left the car totaled.  The driver who hit him fled.

Amazingly, Jason had only cuts and bruises, but he had two of his dogs in his car with him, Panda and Griz, both 6-year-old border collie, shepherd mixes.

Once Jason regained consciousness, he realized that Griz was there with him, and seemingly fine, but Panda was missing.

He's not sure if Panda was thrown from the vehicle or ran away because she was afraid. 

He did what any of us would do, frantically started searching for his beloved dog.  Jason and his friends canvassed the area, contacted local animal shelters and passed out fliers.   Several news stations have run stories about Panda hoping to spread the word.

Jason is hoping that soon he'll find Panda soon.  He says she's friendly, but likely scared and possibly injured. She was not wearing a collar but she is microchipped.

If you have any information about Panda, please contact Jason at 530-386-1910

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