Finalists in a Bosses From Hell Competition Have Some Wild Stories!

What would you do if your boss walked in with a gun and said ‘let me know when my brother shows up, I’m gonna kill him?’ Finalists in a Bosses from Hell competition in Santa Ana told stories like that to judges. One woman says her employer made her administer illicit drugs … to him.

"I needed a job so I injected his hand and he said, 'Oh also, my toes.' In between his toes, so I injected him between his toes with an illicit substance and needless to say two years later, he went to rehab."

The competitors range from having to sell rotten meat to shaving the most private part. One lady said her boss made her deliver condoms and divert wives for pro-sports teams.

"I had to memorize all the wives, I had to memorize all the girlfriends and if they came, I had certain codes I had to do. I had to escort people up there, up to the rooms." 

The winner was, however the lady whose boss walked up with a gun and calmly said … let me know when my brother gets here, so I can shoot him. 

"Because I'm going to shoot him. He pulled out a big - I don't know what it was - AR something and proceeded to walk by me and go to his office." 

Prizes included dinner at Antonella’s in Santa Ana.

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