High School Golfer Gets A Big Bird Beat Down

[Conversation that likely went down a few years ago]

"Mom, it's just golf.  It's not like I'm going to get hit by anyone."

"You don't know that, honey.  You always take pictures of those deer and ducks that are on the course.  What if one gets spooked?"

"Seriously, mom?  I'll be fine."

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you."

[End scene]

Well, mom was kinda right.  It wasn't one of the deer or the ducks, but one of those animals on the course did get spooked, and it did hit a golfer.

Isaac Couling was just walking the seventh hole during the Madison Tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course when a goose decided that, although Isaac was trying hard to stay away from the nest, it didn't like Isaac encroaching on his turf.

Luckily, according to Isaac, it wasn't all bad.

"But I did par that hole."

Plus, if want to see it at a bonus, the pictures of the beat down quickly went viral on Twitter.

"It's pretty crazy.  All my friends were talking about it."

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times

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