Hipster Moron Gets Tased, Removed From Chicago Bound Flight

A man flying from Miami to Chicago had to be tased several times after he allegedly touched another female passenger without her permission. 

American Airlines Flight 2446 was delayed by an hour after police were asked to come on board and remove an unruly passenger who had gotten into some kind of altercation with a woman and her boyfriend. Flight crews attempted to move Jacob Garcia, of Chicago, IL, but he remained uncooperative, and police were called to come on board and remove him from the flight. 

Passengers filmed the incident during which Garcia can be heard asking officers repeatedly what he had done wrong and why they were they trying to remove him. 

Garcia's fellow passengers can be heard clapping and cheering while he's removed from the flight and escorted through the airport. 

A statement from American Airlines says crew members requested that Garcia get off the plane after he had a 'disagreement' with another passenger on Sunday. The statement says, during the incident, a physical altercation broke out between the two passengers. 

Flight 2446 eventually made it to Chicago, an hour late. 

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