As a Lt. Gov. Pretty Boy Gavin Newsom Was Pretty Mediocre

Think about this - how long would you last at your job if you only showed up less than 60 percent of the time? 

Somehow, that's the sweet deal Gavin Newsom managed to get for himself while serving as Lt. Governor. 

See, the actual running of the state falls to the Governor and legislature - Lt. Gov. is mostly a symbolic position that doesn't have a lot of responsibilities - which sounds great right? Six figure salary and you only have to show up to a few committee assignments? Sign me up! 

But, apparently, even those light duties were too much for Newsom. According to an article from the L.A. Times that looked at exactly how much time our Lt. Gov. spent on the job, Newsom really didn't do a whole lot for Californians. 

As Lt. Gov., Newsom is supposed to serve on the boards of the University of California Board of Regents, the California State University Board of Trustees, and the California State Lands Commission. The L.A. Times found that he only attended 54% of UC Regents meetings, 34% of Cal State meetings, and 57% of the state lands committee. 

The Times was also pretty generous in their definition of Newsom showing up - they even included the days when the Lt. Gov. only attended part of the meeting. 

Of course, since Newsom is running for Governor in 2018, hoping voters won't notice how little he actually accomplished over the last few years. Hopefully people finally pick up on the massive scam that Newsom is running on Californians and they don't put him into office next year. 

Photo: Getty Images

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