ACLU Backs Students Planning to March Against Gun Violence

Students across the U.S. participated in another walk out of their schools to march in support of stricter gun laws, but one high school principal in South Gate told students earlier this week that if they marched, they would be banned from attending prom. 

According to reports, Principal Gerardo Llamas told the student body that if they were involved in Friday morning's walk outs, or walked out, they wouldn't be allowed to attend their prom. 

But one student decided that didn't sound right to her. Senior Rachel Iribe told CBS 2 after receiving the message from her principal, she got in contact with the ACLU, asking them to help. 

Within hours of being notified, the ACLU sent the principal the following statement: 

“School officials may not punish a student’s decision to have an unapproved absence to engage in political activity more harshly than a student’s decision to cut class to hang out with his or her friends. Please immediately stop making these threats.”

Llamas reversed his position, sending a recorded phone message to all parents and students on Thursday night alerting them that there would be no punishment should they participate in Friday's walk out. 

Photo: Getty Images

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