Emergency Preparedness Improves In California

A new study says emergency preparedness in California is strong and improving.  Alonzo Plough, Vice President of Research at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, says first responders in the state know how to act, and they act fast.

Yesterday, the National Health Security Preparedness Index was released, taking a look at the strengths and weaknesses of California's response to emergencies.  On a scale from one-to-ten, California was given a score of six-point-nine, which is just slightly below the national average of seven-point-one.  However, this is a nearly eight percent increase from 2013.  California's largest strengths are in "incident and information management" and "environmental and occupational health."  

Yet, Plough says to raise its score the state could improve in "healthcare delivery" and "countermeasure management."  Healthcare delivery in California was given a score of four-point-two out of ten.

Photo: Getty Images

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