Man Intentionally Set a Fire That Killed Two People in Studio City

Police say a man intentionally set a fire that killed two people in Studio City. LAPD Chief of Detectives Justin Eisenburg says the suspected arsonist knew the two people who were killed in the fire Saturday.

"Our investigators have determined this fire was intentionally started using an accelerant."

Surveillance video shows the man leaving a gas station across the street and going into a studio. 

"He poured the gas in a hallway near a room the two victims were." 

LAPD Captain Billy Hayes says the suspected killer and the two people who died had been with each other earlier Saturday evening. Two other people were seriously hurt in the fire who apparently had no connection to the attack Saturday night. 

"There appears to have been a dispute earlier in the evening, we don't know what the nature of that is and why it would lead to this level of violence."

Investigators say they don't believe the killer was actually a recording artist at the studio. 

The two other people were seriously burned in the fire and are still in the hospital.The suspected arsonist has been arrested and booked for murder.

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