KFI on Scene for a Wild Car Chase!

A crazy car chase was the highlight of Thursday night. What began as a routine traffic stop for failing to yield,  quickly became a full-on chase with multiple helicopters and cop cars. 

According to ABC7, the driver was originally spotted on Peyton and Olympic View in Chino Hills. He was chased down in the older model Toyota going through San Bernardino, Monrovia, Duarte, Pasadena, Glendale and then into the San Fernando Valley!

Once he hit the 134 in Burbank, that's when the traffic started building up (of course..). The driver moved into the carpool lane where he drove at a moderately normal pace. He seemed to be literally 'chilling.' 

He even calmly swerved away from a sheriff vehicle's PIT maneuver after being hit and moved right back into the carpool lane. This was before he at one point opened his car door on the freeway to check if the ground was still a ground!? Who knows what goes through these peoples minds. 

We went out to capture the action for ourselves. Take a look at the video below. 

Once he battled traffic on the 405 and made it into Hawthorne - it was over for him. Authorities tried another PIT maneuver and caused the stolen vehicle to spin out of control. A K-9 was sent in to grab the driver from the vehicle. Entertainment at it's finest! 

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