Dean Sharp Helps Us Get Our Water Flowing Right

Water Faucet

So many of us have been there.

We get the new cool filter, we add a softener, we boycott the faucet and just use it from a bottle.

We just have to get our water perfect.

Well, Dean Sharp "The House Whisperer" is here, and he has the answer.

Before, we had so much to deal with

  • Municipal water can contain fluoride, chlorine and chloramines
  • Well water can taste weird and have any number of leached contaminants in it
  • Bottled water wastes plastic
  • Hard water leaves mineral scale deposits on tile, glass and metal

We've tried to solve the problems before

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
    • Pro - thoroughly filters water
    • Con - non-stainless steel tanks rust from the inside
    • Con - removes too much, leaving water demineralized and acidic
    • Con - wastes 6 gallons of water to make 1 filtered gallon
  • Water Softeners
    • Pro - removes calcium and magnesium from water = no scale deposits
    • Con - removes calcium and magnesium from water = no health benefits
    • Con - adds trace amounts of sodium to water
    • Con - removal of calcium/magnesium makes water feel “slimy”
    • Maintenance - requires constant maintenance and salt refills
  • Under Sink Filters
    • Pro - filters contaminants, leaves minerals
    • Con - filter quality varies widely
    • Con - doesn’t address hard water scale
    • Con - only filters water at that location
    • Con - usually requires an extra faucet
    • Maintenance - requires regular filter replacement

(Man, that was depressing...)

Now, though, we have the answer!

  • Whole House Filtration & Salt-Free Water Conditioning System
    • Pro - maximum quality filtration without removing beneficial minerals
    • Pro - covers all water throughout house
    • Pro - no specialty faucets
    • Pro - eliminates scale deposits without removing calcium and magnesium
      SCM (scale control media) or TAC (template assisted crystallization)
    • Pro - doesn’t leave water “slimy”
    • Pro - doesn’t add sodium
    • Pro - doesn’t waste water to filter water
    • Pro - little to no maintenance for 10-20 years
    • Con - NONE!

Finally!  We know the key to perfect water!  Yayyy!!!

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