Notorious Nick Nolte Releases New Tell-All

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Never one to play by society's rules, actor Nick Nolte has lived a tumultuous life.  

It's been 40 plus years since his first starring role in Rich Man Poor Man, and though he is admittedly "still learning," he's decided to share what he's come to know and experience in the past 77 years.

"You're looking at a man who is no longer attached to society," Nolte told CBS news.

And if you take a look at the man, it's easy to envision the reclusive lifestyle which he has adopted as his own.

Many remember Nolte for a DUI conviction which he incurred while driving under the influence of GHB, which resulted in a rather legendary mugshot.  

While he hasn't stopped the occasional dabble with the red, he does at least seem to be "settling down."

Nolte sat down with Natalie Morales on Today from his home in Malibu to discuss his new memoir (and to delve a bit into its juicy gossip).  

Did he really take heroin for 8 weeks straight to prepare for a role?  Did he really threaten to slit fellow actor Edward Norton's neck?

Pick up your copy of Nick Nolte's Rebel: My life Outside the Lines at, and take a look in the player below!

Read more about it at Daily Mail.

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