Bummer! Guy Gets Canned For Butt-Dialing Boss

Some people spend their whole careers never getting to tell off a certain boss or annoying coworker.

Well, James Stephens of Georgia stepped it up this week, and did just that.  

Too bad for Stephens: he never intended for his boss to actually hear it!

12 minutes

That's how long James Stephens and his wife spent trash-talking his supervisor in the apparent privacy of their own home.  

Unbeknownst to the couple, James had accidentally pocket-dialed his boss, Michael Coan, who listened to the extent of their "Coan-centric"-bashing.

As one can imagine, Coan wasn't a little displeased with the brazen conversation, and the following day Stephens was informed that he wasn't welcome anymore, and that he must either resign or be terminated outright.

The thing is, both Stephens and Coan were working as Georgia state employees at the time of the ordeal, which in this case means things are getting political.

Felonious Voyeuristic Eavesdropping

After tendering his resignation, Stephens sought legal counsel, accusing his former employee of "voyeuristic eavesdropping (that was) felonious."  

His lawyers contend that as Coan knew the couple's conversation was private, and thus he was legally obligated to hang up immediately.

Citing this, Coan argues that since he was serving as a state supervisor, he should be immune from all charges involving listening to pocket-dialed conversations made by subordinates.


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