A Now Much Easier Path for Community College Transfers to UC

The path to transfer to Universities of California (UC) has become guaranteed for qualified community college students. California Community College Spokesman Paul Feist says students can just pick a major, complete a specified course list, and maintain a certain GPA.

"It will create a much more streamlined process and transparent process for community college students seeking to transfer to a UC." 

Fiest says both institutions research shows students who transfer do as well or better than students who begin their schooling at UC.

Students starting in fall of 2019 would have to complete preset course requirements to qualify.

"This creates a statewide roadmap for students wishing to transfer within a certain major to the University of California."

 Students would also need to maintain an as yet undetermined GPA.

"For UC, it also means a more diverse group of community college transfer students will be entering their doors." 

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