Help Save Jay!

Photo Courtesy Jennifer Bauman-Cox via GoFundMe

A family in Norco says their dog is fighting for her life after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

Jennifer Bauman Cox said she heard the family's dog Jay barking in the backyard, but this bark, she says, was 'different' than a normal bark.

Every dog owner knows exactly what this means. Dogs have different barks for different things.... and this bark worried Jennifer so she went to investigate.  She described what happened on their GoFundMe page:

"As I opened the slider to see what it was she was barking at, I heard the sound of the rattle, loud and clear. I told my little ones to stay in the house and I tried to call her and my other dog in. As I began to round the play house she went on the attack to remove the threat. I believe our brave girl attacked the snake to keep it from getting to me."

Jennifer told CBS2:

 “I didn’t know she was bit at first. I did think that the blood on her jowls was from the guts from the snake.”

When Jay started acting weird, she called her vet to describe what happened, and was told that they didn't have any anti-venom.  So they rushed Jay to another vet. 

The GoFundMe page described Jay's injuries.

"Jay has several punctures, and is believed to have been bitten at least twice, other punctures may have happened as she was shaking the snake, as she has punctures in her jowls, nose, chest and near her eye.

Jay needs two rounds of anti-venom and that is extremely expensive, so this vet bill is significant, in the thousands, but Jennifer says they'll do anything to save Jay.  So the family started the GoFundMe page to help with expenses.  They say:

"Any donation is appreciated, and should we reach our goal, any remaining amount will go to a local dog rescue. Thank you all so much for your concern, input, and prayers. Bless you all and thank you again so very much!" 

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