Facebook Billionaire's Booster Seat

Mark Zuckerberg sparked a wave of new memes when it was discovered that the Facebook creator was using a booster seat in his hearing before the Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committees. 

Did the internet even care about Zuckerberg discussing Facebook's policy on users privacy and the scandal with Cambridge Analytica? Not as much as they cared about the 4-inch pad fitting for toddlers. 

"I might not be a billionaire, I might not own a massive business. But, I can say, that if I ever have to face a US Senate inquiry, I won't need a booster seat to sit at the big boy table," said one twitter user. 

At least it's not your average everyday booster seat, one user quipped. 

"Zuckerberg thinking ‘I may be sitting on a booster seat, but I am a billionaire sitting on a booster seat.'" 

"Zuckerberg’s notes. (He probably meant for them to be seen, unlike people who have personal FB messenger conversations)," one user tweeted. 

"Founded Facebook. My decisions. I made mistakes. Big challenge but we've solved problems before. Going to solve this one," Zuckerberg wrote in his notes. 

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