Dr. Wendy Walsh Talks About Midlife Chasms & Making Friends

The idea of a midlife crisis is nothing new.

However, although it is a much more accurate description, the idea of a midlife chasm is something very new.

Now, if you want to call it a crisis, you can, but calling it a chasm actually works much better, as the midlife years leave people in an "in-between."  They no longer fit in with the current trends, but they are still active in society.

Values and focuses change, as people move away from career-focused life and on to a connection-focused life, where they put an emphasis on their family and experiences.

If you think about the path of life like the letter "U," this is transition that causes the midlife chasm, or the bottom of the "U."

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Want to make some new friends?

Well, you better set aside some time, like a lot of it.

Friendship is not like a mail-order marriage.

Friends do not just appear, they have to be made.  You have to put time and effort into connecting and bonding with someone before they actually become your friend. 

A recent study showed that it take 50 hours of quality time spent with someone before you call them a casual friend, 90 hours before they actually reach friend status, and 200 hours before they are a close friend.

I know, that's a long time, but friends are worth it.

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