Cops Coming Down on the Fast and Furious

Cops across California have had it with the Fast and the Furious. 

Ryan Railsback with Riverside Police says street racing has gotten bigger and more dangerous. 

"We're having at least 100, 200 cars plus in addition to now your spectators."  

Ramone Duran with Highway Patrol says Local and State agencies are working together to stop it. 

"Not only to investigate this type of activity, but also to ensure that we get some prosecution out of it as well." 

Duran says people that get stuck behind these races should call 911 and give as much info as they can. Both say drivers and spectators can now be charged with crimes. 

"The law does allow us that if you're a spectator of a speed contest or street racing, that we can enforce some violations on them as well." 

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