Hot Dog! Those Are Some Nice Neuticles!

Jane Wells models her Neuticles

Thank you Gregg Miller, because without you, we would not know Neuticles.

What are Neuticles, you ask?

Well, kinda what they sound like.  They are testicular implants for your pet following their neutering.

Gregg Miller invented Neuticles 20 years ago when he just couldn't stand the idea of his Bloodhound, Buck, having to live his life without any sense of manhood.

Since then, Miller has sold over 500,000 pairs of Neuticles, including one pair to the Kardashians for their dog, Rocky.

Miller has made Neuticles for dogs of all sizes, cats, and even one time for an elephant that suffered from testicular cancer.

(Before you ask the question that I already asked, Neuticles are not approved to be implanted in humans.  I know, bummer...)

Originally, Neuticles were made of hard plastic (like the ones Jane Wells is modeling for us, above), but have since been changed to silicone.  (The clacking was getting a little old...) 

You can learn all about them at

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