OH MY COD! Kayakers Meet Massive 8-Foot Sturgeon

Some people spend an entire lifetime fishing, but somehow always come up empty-handed.

Well not Bryce Thompson of Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Last Saturday, Thompson ventured out onto the Snake River to go kayak fishing with his instructor Steve Carroll.  Though a veteran fisherman, Thompson had no experience with this method of sturgeon fishing. 

In fact, this trip was literally his first time trying it out.

Now imagine this same guy's surprise as he was peacefully meandering down the Snake River, when suddenly a massive, 8-foot 3-inch beast of a sturgeon leaped out of the water, easily clearing several feet:

Keep in mind that normal sturgeons usually hover around the 6-foot mark.  

While Carroll, a seasoned kayak fisherman and instructor described the experience as "awesome," Thompson was already looking forward.  He informed reporters that next up he'd like to track down a 10-foot sturgeon which is known to 

The sturgeon took just about an hour to reel in, but don't worry!  It was released back into the wild.

What, did you think these guys have no sole??

"Catch" the full scoop over at Fox News, bub!

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