Women Being Attacked By Sliders

No no, stud:  not those sliders!  No, the sliders we're talking about are not delicious.  

In fact, they are straight up illegal.

Sliding:  What is it?

Sliding is an increasingly popular way that criminals are using to steal personal belongings from people (usually women) getting gas at the gas station.  

It's a particularly easy way for thugs to quickly make hundreds to thousands in a 10-second operation.  

Is It New?

Sliding in itself is not a new practice. But expanding coverage and increased diligence on the part of victims and near-victims will hopefully allow for new preventative measures.


No!  There are no burgers involved.

How Does It Work?

  • The thief/slider scopes out a potential target at a gas station.  The ideal victim is a single female.
  • The slider waits until the victim steps away from their car (usually to pay the cashier)
  • At this point, the slider attempts to stealthily open one of the target's car doors, and quickly swipe whatever personal items they can:

The majority of these cases involve theft of items such as purses and cell phones.

But sometimes, purses and phones don't suffice.  Even cars outright are prime targets:

As with most other crimes, there's no absolute way to stop sliding.  But here are some easy tips to help:

  1. ALWAYS BE AWARE.  You're in a public place where crimes are known to occur.  Just keep your head up.
  2. KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED.  Sliding exists because people leave their doors unlocked.
  3. SPEAK UP!  If you see someone in the act of sliding, and you are not in harm's way, videos like the one above show that these crooks can be easily scared away.

We had Simi Valley PD Sergeant Steve Shorts join the show to talk about the latest sliding incidents. 

Listen in the iHeartRadio player below!

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