Success From Scratch - Guac Lock

Jane Och and Sharon Prince, creators of Guac-Loc (Photo Courtesy Jane Och & Sharon Prince)

In California, we LOVE our avocados.  But avocados and the guacamole that normally results from it come with a turns brown

In 2012, Jane Och, a mom and investment manager consultant, was taking a container of guacamole out of her fridge when she realized something.

She told CNBC:

"I realized that if I don't touch this container of guacamole, it will never turn  brown.  The second I put a chip in it, there's space.  So I thought if somehow we could eliminate that space, then we've maybe solved this age old problem. 

She turned to her friend Sharon Prince, and the two women started to do research about products out there to keep guacamole looking fresh. To their surprise, there wasn't a product on the market already to solve the problem.

So, they decided to create one.  They put their heads (and money, a LOT of money) together and spent 4 years developing the perfect product to keep your guacamole fresh.The result... Guac-Lock!

The product launched in 2016 and made more than $1 million last year.  

You can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond and at

Listen to Bill's interview with Jane Och, one of the Guac-Lock creators. 

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