Golfer Dislocates & Pops Ankle Back In At The Masters

The Masters in Augusta, Georgia has already teed off this morning, but the headlines were already rolling (or popping...) out yesterday.

As usual, the Par-3 Contest at the Masters took place yesterday.

Tony Finau dropped a beautiful shot on the 8th hole that rolled in for a hole-in-one.

Understandably, Tony got a little excited and started running around in celebration.

Unfortunately, his ankle had just as much roll has his golf ball, rolling right on out of the joint it was supposed to stay in.

Little did anyone know, Tony is some sort of amateur doctor, as he reached down, grabbed his ankle (that was a good two inches to the left of his foot), and popped it right back into place.

Although any injury is a problem with the Masters getting started today, at least this one turned out to be pretty much the best it could have been.

Despite all this, Tony is set to get back out on the course today.

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