Texting While Driving? The CHP is Looking For You This Month

Texting while driving can be tempting, but be warned: The California Highway Patrol and local agencies will be making an extra effort to catch you during Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Law enforcement officers will be conducting "zero tolerance" enforcement efforts around California starting on April 5th. 

"Don't drive intoxicated. Don't drive intexticated." Auto Club's Kathy Sieck said. "We want [people] to remember the tragic consequences of alcohol impaired driving and texting and driving are the same. Crashes, injuries and deaths." 

The new campaign is meant to highlight the need for people to pay attention while behind the wheel. Dawn Mauer says she lost her 23-year-old daughter after someone on their phone rear-ended her vehicle at 85 mph. 

"You have no idea the tragedy, not only to the person you may kill, or anybody with them, but their families as well. Their friends as well," Mauer said. 

The Auto Club of Southern California says 97 percent of people surveyed say texting while driving is a serious problem, but 35 percent of those surveyed have typed out a message while driving anyway. 

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