Dr. Wendy Helps Us Understand The YouTube Shooter


Why do workplace shootings happen?

What pushes these people to this point?

What is the true source of the problem?

The shooting that occurred at YouTube Headquarters yesterday in San Bruno has all of us asking ourselves these questions again.

Nasim Aghda made her way into the facility where she shot a man and two women before shooting and killing herself.

Reports suggest that Aghda was upset with the company for allegedly limiting her income from the videos she was posting on the site.

Although she did not technically work for YouTube, and was just a part of the gig economy, the psychology of a typical workplace shooter still applies to this situation.  Aghda felt that she had been wronged by the company, so she set out to get revenge.

But she seemed so normal to those around her?

That's actually pretty typical for workplace shooters.

She probably also didn't just lose it recently.  More than likely, it was a slow burn to this point.

She felt that the site was discriminating against her, intentionally cutting down on her clicks and views, which was distancing her from her goal of becoming famous.

Read the full story at Psychology Today

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