Travis Allen Has a Plan for the Homeless People

Travis Allen is a Republican running to be the Governor of California and he has a strong plan to deal with the homeless crisis in the state. 

"We need state-run mental institutions where people can actually go, (where) the indigent can go and get the help that they need," Allen said at a housing forum last month. "What we're doing is not working." 

Allen has been pushing this platform in debates and interviews all while pinning the blame on Gavin Newsom and Tony Villar – holding the men responsible for San Francisco and Los Angeles accountable. 

In Los Angeles, "there's a six-block radius that looks like a third-world war zone," Allen said, referring to Skid Row. "On the streets of Gavin Newsom's San Francisco, there's…drug users shooting up on the streets and…human waste." 

"California citizens have a right to clean streets, to clean cities," Allen said. "For those that are on the streets of California that are not from here, they will find a one-way ticket out of our state and we will clean up our streets in California." 

Listen to his interview here:

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