#TastyTuesday With @ForkReporter Celebrates #NationalBoysenberryDay!

Today is #NationalBoysenberryDay!!! 

You may have heard @ForkReporter doing The Fork Report live from Knott's Berry Farm last Saturday as the park celebrates their Boysenberry Festival.

Their multi-week celebration is all focused around today, the glorious day that is #NationalBoysenberryDay! (I know I already said that, I'm just so excited!)

Don't know how to celebrate #NationalBoysenberryDay?

Don't worry, most people don't.  But, Knott's Berry Farm does and they're happy to bring you in on everything they are doing today!

First step, go to their Twitter and start participating in their festivities!

Next, go to their website, where you can get the low down on everything special that is going on around the park.

Wear purple to receive bonus points, grab a #NationalBoysenberryDay button, eat a boysenberry treat, and share everything on social media with #NationalBoysenberryDay.

Boysenberry treats, you say?

Yep.  The park has a whole slew of special food for today.

There's sandwiches, BBQ, desserts, and so much more!

@ForkReporter was able to test out a bunch of the items when he was down there on Saturday.

It all just looks so good!!!

Read the full story at NBC Los Angeles

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