It's National Hug A Newsperson Day!

Today is a really special day around here!

It's April 4th and that means it's 'National Hug a Newsperson Day!'

It's really tough to know all the news that's going on every day, and separate it from the fake news out there, that's why you depend on KFI and our award winning news department to bring you all the REAL news that you need to know!

From our News Director to our anchors, reporters and news editors, KFI has the best team hands down. These amazing people are the ones who get up early, stay up late, and are on call 24/7 to bring you the latest breaking news.

For their dedication and effort they deserve a big hug! exactly do you celebrate National Hug a Newsperson Day?

  • Pick up your radio or tap the iHeart Radio app on your smartphone and give it a big squeeze today, trust us, they'll feel it! 
  • If you see a newsperson in the flesh, ask if you can give 'em a hug!   
  • Send your favorite reporter or anchor a tweet or post on their Instagram or Facebook page to let them know just how much you appreciate what they do. 

We found some interesting thoughts that Americans have about their newspeople.

According to National

18% of Americans think that it's a 'tough time' to be a newsperson right now

4% of Americans think their newsperson is 'sexy'  

8% believe that newspeople wear pajama pants or sweats under the table 

We were especially interested in that last one, so we wanted to know, do they really wear their pajamas to work?  We decided to sneak into our own Jennifer Jones Lee's news booth to find out! 

And we know that Handel doesn't like to hug ANYBODY...but Jen's determined to get her hug today! 

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