The Final Four Baby Animal Bracket Is Here!

There are no words for what we saw during the fourth round of Baby Animal Bracket action other than UTTER DOMINATION. 

Baby animals who thought themselves invincible after cruising through earlier rounds were absolutely crushed by their competition as our teams made their final push to reach the Final Four.

Baby Goat continued to prove why he may be the G.O.A.T. after all by the thorough destruction he laid on Baby Kitten during the fourth round. Baby Goat made his win look easy by picking up an impressive 77 percent of the vote. Baby Kitten was spotted scampering off, pretending they never cared about the bracket in the first place. 

Baby Giraffe once again towered over his competition with a cuteness completion rate that was good for 69 percent of the vote. The always adorable Baby Sloth didn't seem all that torn up about his loss however, and appeared to greatly enjoy his post-game fruit salad. 

Baby Duckling once again proved that the Baby Animal Bracket Championship is his and we're just here to watch him play. He eviscerated his fellow avian, Baby Hummingbird, by picking up 84 percent of the vote. With a performance like that, Baby Duckling continues to prove he's the hardest working baby animal on our bracket. 

Finally, Baby Hedgehog continued to win friends and influence people after picking up 71 percent of the vote in a by-the-numbers game. Baby Prairie Dog just wasn't up to the challenge unfortunately, and he will have to go home until next year. 

Final Four voting in the Baby Animal Bracket starts now! Vote here for your favorites! 

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