24 Million May Skip Census to Avoid Citizenship Question

Robert Shapiro ran the 2000 census during the Clinton Administration and he's predicting that more than 24 million people may refuse to participate in the 2020 census now that the survey intends to question citizenship. 

Shapiro was the undersecretary for the Commerce Department and he believes that the citizenship question is "dangerous". He expects that 6.8 illegals will dodge the question along with about half of the 8.8 million legal residents who live with an illegal family member or friend. He also expects that the rest will just lie and claim legal citizenship. 

“(Wilbur) Ross and [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions explicitly tied the collection of 2020 Census information to federal law enforcement. That’s what makes his directive so remarkable and so dangerous,” Shapiro wrote. 

Shapiro believes that this connection to law enforcement will scare people into defrauding the census. 

Read more at the Washington Times 

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