Success From Scratch - Augie Nieto

If you've ever stepped foot on a LifeCycle, Life Fitness or Octane Fitness machine at the gym, you have Augie Nieto to thank.  He is known as the 'Steve Jobs' of the fitness world.

Augie, a formerly overweight teen that lost the extra weight by working out, started a health club in his 20s.  Then, he crossed paths with a man who invented a computerized exercise bike.  Augie knew it would revolutionize the fitness industry, and he was right, but it was NOT an easy road to convince everyone else.  

Eventually, Augie found phenomenal success in the industry, but at the height of his success, a devastating diagnosis changed everything, and suddenly he had to fight for his life.

That fight led to a personal quest, Augie's Quest, which, to date, has raised more than $110 million for research to find treatments and ultimately, a cure for ALS.

Listen to Bill tell Augie's story. 

A documentary film has been released about Augie's life.   You can download it on iTunes, AmazonYouTube or other Video on Demand sites.

Click here to learn more about Augie and Augie's Quest.

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