See Round 3 Results Here And Vote For Round 4 In GaS' Baby Animal Bracket!

Round Three of Baby Animal Bracket action has been, without a doubt, the most exciting round in the history of sports. Fans of baby animals were treated to some smashing matchups thanks to our players leaving everything they had out on the field. 

Baby Goat and Baby Deer were our first teams to meet in third round cuteness. The contest started out as a fairly even one with fans of both quadrapeds splitting the vote. But, Baby Deer looked like he was caught in a pair of headlights after Baby Goat pulled out the win with 58 percent of the vote. 

Baby Kitten continued her strong showing in third round action action. Thanks to an early lead, Baby Kitten sent Baby Piglet running all the way home with an impressive 62 percent of the vote. The dominating victory by Baby Kitten shows exactly why Egyptians worshiped felines as their Gods. 

They say Australia is filled with animals that can't wait to kill you, but Baby Giraffe didn't seem to be intimidated by Baby Koala at all as he high-kicked his way to victory with 77 percent of the vote. I guess  the Thunder from Down Under will just have to try his luck again next year. 

Baby Sloth continues to impress fans with a string of high-scoring victories, including his latest against an animal four times his size. Baby Hippo put up a  good fight at first, but was unable to keep up with the Baby Sloth's popularity. 

In his match up against Baby Penguin, Baby Duckling once again showed why he was the number one seed. Baby Duckling swum to an easy victory last night, taking in 64 percent of the vote. Baby Penguin will have to console himself with some fresh fish and try again next year. 

But there's no doubt that the game fans will remember years from now was between Baby Hedgehog and Baby Anteater.  The Baby Hedgehog may only weigh a few ounces, but he brought enough weight to set an all-time record in our baby animal matchups so far. Baby Hedgehog utterly destroyed Baby Anteater, gathering a staggering 89 percent of the vote! That's a burn so bad, I'm not sure we'll even see Baby Anteater show up next year. 

Finally, a sad day for patriots as America's symbol, Baby Eagle was knocked out of contention for cutest Baby Animal. The Baby Hummingbird was simply too fast for Baby Eagle and will head to the next round after winning 54 percent of the vote. 

Round four voting opens now and runs through Sunday night! Vote now!

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