Dodgers Game Called After Sewage Pipe Burst

Well, that's not what you wanna see...

But, it did happen.  Like, a lot.

The pipe burst caused a 32-minute delay in the  middle of the 5th inning, and ultimately a premature ending to the Dodgers and Angels final Spring Training game.

Despite the efforts of the grounds crew, the leak continued after the game.  

Dodgers President Stan Kasten said it all happened because of a "pipe backup on two different levels of the stadium."  City officials are working on determining the source of the leak.

Although team officials say the leak will not impact tomorrow's Opening Day game against the Giants, it did impact the coaches' room and the video room.

Even though it didn't get down to the clubhouse, the players did take a little punch to the nose last night.

Andrew Toles said, "I smelled it.  It was nasty. I'm not going to tell you what it really was, that's kind of messed up. But, yeah, it was nasty, man. It was a tragic thing."

Ross Stripling had to get punny with..."Crappy way to end the spring. Get it?"

And, Corey Seager stayed steady as a man of few words. "Eww."

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times

Personally, I'm with Vic.

Oh, and Angels, next time you think you're being super clever...

...maybe consider that you just lost the Freeway Series, and that you're on your way to a stadium that pretty much specializes in sewage issues.

So, you know what?  Have fun in Oakland, Angels.  I'm sure you'll have just as crappy of a time there as you did in the past 3 games.

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