The Animals Are Fighting Back!

Squirrels are adorable, aren't they?


Ok, that might be a little dramatic, because they are pretty cute and I don't think they really kill...but they are causing some issues on the San Diego County coast.

Basically, there's just a ton of them.  Combine that with increased human interaction, and the squirrels no longer fear and avoid people like they usually do.

They walk right up to people to get food, and when they don't get handouts, they just take what they want.  This increased food supply only boosts their population more, creating a vicious cycle of food and fur and no fear.

Darren Smith is a natural resources officer in the San Diego region of the state Department of Parks and Recreation.

He said, "The main problem is they get tons of food from people. There is the culture of providing extra food for them, and that's what makes the population grow so much."

Oh, that doesn't sound bad?  How about this?

Smith also said, "Sometimes, they bite people, and steal their Doritos."


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The attacks aren't just coming from the ground either.  This is two-fronted attack. 

Keep your eyes sharp, because the hawks own the sky.

Yep, those beautiful, majestic creatures have gone rogue.

There have been several reports of hawks diving down and attacking the backs of people's heads in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Local police and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are looking into the issue.

Here at KFI, though, we have our own optimistic (and kinda offensive) theory as to why the hawks are behaving this way.

We think that the hawks heard about the squirrel issue that we are having out here, and in a well-intended attempt to help keep those squirrels in check, may have become a little overzealous to attack, and may have mistaken some unfortunate haircuts for squirrel tails.

Who knows for sure, but it certainly is possible.

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