Riverside Mayor Sues Over City Manager's New Contract

Riverside Mayor, Rusty Bailey, is NOT happy about the new windfall contract for the City Manager John Russo.  

Bailey has spent the last month trying to veto Russo's seven-year deal only to be told by the city attorney that there is nothing he can do.  

"When is enough enough?" he said recently. "The new contract is beyond any other contract." 

Bailey is essentially on an island with this one, many others involved believe this is fair compensation for Russo, who they feel is a capable leader. Russo's new deal gives him pay and benefits worth $471,000 and a low interest home loan worth $675,000. 

"When you have a coach that's doing a great job, you want to support that," Councilman Andy Melendrez said. 

This new deal makes Russo one of the highest paid city managers in the State. 

Listen to Mayor Bailey speak to John and Ken below:

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