Producer Michelle's New Job

Over the weekend, I received so many messages and tweets from people wondering about something Handel said on Friday.  

He alluded to the fact that I received a promotion and that I wouldn't be working with the show anymore.

That's a way.Here's the deal.

 I'm honored to say that I've been promoted to Executive Producer for KFI, which means I'll be working with all the shows and their producers to help them in any way they need.  

This is really exciting for me because I know what they're dealing with every day so I'm happy to be able to provide them much needed support to help make their jobs just a little bit easier.

It's really bittersweet for me.   I adore Handel (as much as he makes me crazy) and I've been with the show for 23 of my 24 years at KFI.  First as a call screener, then producer, then Executive Producer when we had a staff of 3 producers on the show.  

Over the years, things have changed, people have come and gone, I've taken on other responsibilities, adding to my producing duties with Wake Up Call, but Handel & I have remained a solid team.

I've long wanted to take on a bigger role with the station, but there wasn't an opportunity, but now, that opportunity has presented itself in the best way possible.  

I'll still be connected to Handel's show as we transition new producer Alex Razo into the role, but the biggest benefit to me is that I won't have to get up at 1:45am anymore, as I have for the majority of the last 23 years!  I'll be able to get up at 5am!  (Trust me, that's a HUGE difference.)

Really excited for this new challenge and thankful for the opportunity here at KFI.  I have to thank Handel personally because honestly, I never thought I would make a career of this, and it's only because of him that I was able to have this solid of a career in the crazy world of radio.  

I've been proud of the things he's achieved, his Radio & Records awards, his Marconi, his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and, the biggest honor of my life last year, to see him inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.  

All of it, well deserved, and I'm so happy and honored to have been a part of it. I also have to thank the listeners, each and every one of you, whether you love me or hate me, love the show or hate the show.|

 You've seen me through good times and bad, the outpouring of love I received from you when my father died is still remembered today, 4 years later.  

It's because of YOU that I have been able to enjoy this career for the last 23 years and hopefully many more in expanding my role here at KFI.  

Thank you all, and I promise, you'll still hear me screaming at Handel in the background.

Below, you can hear the few minutes Handel & I spent talking about it this morning. 

And for your information, the photos below depict what I looked like when I first started working for Handel at the age of 21 and today.  See what that man does to you?!  GOOD LUCK ALEX!  

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