LA Hopes to Shelter Every Homeless Person by December

On Friday, the LA City Council voted to develop and emergency plan with the goal of sheltering all of the homeless in the city as soon as possible. This plan encompasses all homeless living out in the open, those in tents, mobile homes, and on sidewalks. 

The last count conducted had more than 25,000 of the city's 34,000 homeless unsheltered. The city has also pledged to build 222 units of permanent housing by 2020. 

“Los Angeles must provide genuine alternatives to sidewalk encampments — urgently,” the authors of the motion wrote. 

“Victims of natural disasters are not left to sleep under tents and cardboard on our streets, but refugees from economic hardship, gentrification, a housing shortage, domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction and mental illness are left to fend for themselves in the elements,” they wrote. “That is unacceptable and intolerable.” 

Read the full report at the LA Daily News 

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