Hey Pasadena, YOU DID IT! City Postpones Road Diet Plans Indefinitely

Pasadena residents made their voices heard about the proposed plan for an Orange Grove Boulevard road diet last night. There was a follow up meeting already on the books set for next week on March 28 that has been canceled by Pasadena City Manager Steven Mermell. 

In an email to Pasadena Now Mermell  said: 

“Based on the large attendance last night … and the feedback received, we are going to postpone next week’s scheduled meeting indefinitely.” 

“It’s clear that while all residents want to enhance safety, the proposed road diet is likely too drastic of a change. Accordingly, city staff will be reassessing what approach we should pursue to address the safety concerns that have been raised as part of the conversations. This will involve further dialogue with residents of the area.” 

More than 150 residents filled out requests to speak. 

Founders of Keep Pasadena Moving, Ann and Frank, called in to discuss the breaking news:

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