Dean Sharp Teaches Us How To Use Our Water Wisely

Dean Sharp The House Whisperer

Southern California has a water problem, but it’s not the one you think.

Our biggest problem is that we really don’t understand our relationship with water.

We consume more than we need to (where the conversation has been). But far more importantly, we don’t fully utilize the water we have (where the conversation needs to go).


It’s been a very wet week and lots of homeowners are having drainage issues. 

“How can I get my drains to work better so my yard doesn’t flood?” 

A totally legitimate concern, but the first step in building a proper drainage system is doing everything we can to keep water on your property! 

Every year hundreds of billions of gallons run off hard pavement and hydrophobic soil into the sea. More than enough to completely resolve our water crisis.


  1. Reduce impermeable paving 
  2. MULCH!!! 
  3. Dry wells and catch basins 


  1. Get roof water away from foundation - solid smooth pipe for 10’-15’ min. 
  2. Surround paved areas with hidden French drain gravel trenches. 
  3. Use fewer grates and more trenches. 
    1. Perforated French drains (holes down at 5 & 7) in planters by house 
    2. Reduce surface conveyance distance 
  4. Drains should be open bottom catch basins with atrium or dome tops

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