Vote Now For Round 2 Of the Baby Animal Bracket!

Round One of Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal bracket is complete and if we were to use one word to describe the first round, it would be UPSET!! 

The Baby Harp Seal, the #1 seed was knocked out of contention by the Baby Goat who seems to be stubbornly determined to make it to the finals. Another strong contender, Baby Puppy was also knocked out by the upstart Baby Deer, whose big eyes and Bambi-esque demeanor was enough to push past Baby Puppy with a devastating 56% of the vote. 

Some season favorites remain however as Baby Kitten easily dispatched the Baby Lamb in first round action. 

Baby Bunny was no match for Baby Piglet who ran all the way home with more than 66% of the vote! Baby Giraffe, who stomped his competition against Baby Koala, has to be looking nervously at the Baby Piglet's impressive scores as they face off in the next round of cute baby animal action. 

Finally, Baby Sloth showed Baby Lion he's NOT the king of the jungle after all, as Baby Sloth destroyed the lion with a 56% to 43% victory. 

This week, we move onto the Air and Sea division. Voting is open now through Sunday! 

Vote now for your favorites HERE!

Check your scores and standings below! 

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