#TechTalk: Protecting Yourself On Facebook & Spring Break Travel Tips

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica


I know, I know, you heard about Facebook's data sharing and now all your friends are telling you that you need to delete your account before Facebook steals your whole life (or something like that...).

Let's be reasonable, here.

There's some other stuff you can do first.  As a matter of fact, we have 5 tips for you:

  1.  Log out - don't go web browsing while logged in to Facebook, they'll track you
  2. Check permissions - all those "sign in with Facebook" agreements grant those apps access
  3. Limit time - less time and less interaction means less data for them to collect
  4. Break the habit - find whatever method that helps you limit spending so much time on it
  5. Leave it - if it isn't making life better, just stop using the app

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So, you're tired of all this rain.

What do you do?

You go on an awesome Spring Break trip, of course!

Yea, we know, it can be a pain to get it all figured out and planned.  But, why would I be writing this if I didn't have something super helpful to get you through the process?!

Here's 8 apps (and what they do) to help you plan the best Spring Break trip ever!

  • TripIt - for organizing your confirmation emails
  • Roadtrippers - for roadside discoveries
  • Waze - for getting around the streets quickly
  • Yelp - for knowing if a place is good or not
  • Google Translate - for communicating with people anywhere
  • Netflix & Amazon Prime - for entertainment while you're getting there
  • XE Currency - for knowing conversion rates
  • Office Lens - for basically scanning loose papers

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