OC Cities Suing County Over Homeless Dumping Plans

Irvine and Laguna Niguel both have decided to sue Orange County of their proposed 'homeless relocation' program. The dumping sites have not been approved by residents and most notably, one site in Laguna Niguel is directly across the street from a daycare center. 

The homeless relocation program is ordered by US District Court Judge David O. Carter after demanding that the OC Board of Supervisors find a more permanent solution for the homeless evicted from the Santa Ana Riverbed.  

This plan was approved on Monday, March 19 and the way it works is that if the already established shelter beds are full, then the next 200 homeless would get to stay in a tent like structure at the OC Great Park in Irvine. If the park is full, the next 100 go to a landfill in Huntington Beach. If the landfill is full the next 100 go to a vacant lot across from a daycare, library, and elementary school in Laguna Niguel.  

More than 600 Laguna Niguel residents raged at City Hall. 

Read the full rundown at the OC Register

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