Obama Directive Creating Wild and Rowdy Classrooms

The Trump Administration has shifted some focus to an Obama era directed issued to school administration to be lenient on minority students. This policy has created an awful situation for all of the students but especially the well-behaved ones. 

Virginia Walden Ford runs an after-school snack program and has had one particularly heartbreaking case where a good student skips school because the administration refuses to punish her bully. 

“She had been continually bullied all year long,” recalled Ms. Ford, an EdChoice board member. “My advice was, ‘Talk to your counselor, teacher, parents,’ but she made it really, really clear to me that day that that’s not doing any good. Her school does not want to suspend students. They’re trying to keep the suspension rate down.” 

Those kind of things are changing the environment of the school so that kids who need to feel safe, kids who really, really want to learn, we’re seeing higher dropout rates,” said Ms. Ford, who spoke at a March 12 Heritage Foundation forum. “We’re seeing kids staying home. It’s a battleground for children instead of a safe haven for children. And we’ve seen it since the Obama administration policy.” 

Read the full report at The Washington Times

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