Two Bus Collision Leaves 13 Hospitalized

Greyhound Bus runs into a Transit bus leaving 13 people Injured (Image: KCAL)

Thursday morning, 40 people were evaluated by paramedics following a freeway collision involving a greyhound and Transit bus near Downtown Los Angeles. 

According to KTLA, the collision happened just before 11 am on the eastbound Express Lane on the 10 freeway in Boyle Heights. 

Aerial video footage showed the collision was due to the right front corner of the Greyhound bus coming into contact with the back left side of the Transit bus. Apparently, the Greyhound bus was attempting to avoid a crash after a pickup truck had hit a tree that had fallen into the lanes. 

Paramedics were quick on the scene to check up on the 40 passengers between the two buses. Only 13 were transferred to the hospital with no major injuries to show. 

Be careful driving in the rain!

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