ICE Begins Pilot Program Using Ankle Monitors For Illegal Immigrants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are looking at a new pilot program that would keep track of illegal immigrants through the use of ankle bracelets. 

The program, called "Smart Link" involves the use of an ankle monitor and an app. Advocates of the program say that several people in the San Diego area are happily enrolled in the program because it allows them to remain in the U.S. with their families while waiting for a federal judge to hear their case. In some cases, that could take months, or even years. 

One father who is in the program told NBC 7 in San Diego that he signed up for the program after being pulled over by ICE agents as part of a targeted operation last week. 

"I was thinking it was a police officer," he said. "Then they told me they had a warrant for my arrest." 

ICE officials released him on the condition he sign up for the monitoring program. 

ICE officials say the pilot program has about 130 people enrolled right now. Those who have enrolled had to qualify and were screened for certain criteria.

Photo: Getty Images

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