Delta Sends Puppy To The Wrong City

An Idaho family received the wrong dog after a mix-up by Delta Airlines sent their new puppy to the wrong city. Josh Schlaich arrived at the Delta cargo area of the Boise Airport to pick up his family's new dog but was shocked to find a different dog from a Virginia-based breeder.

Schlaich said he was worried because nobody had any idea where the 8-week-old puppy was.

"We went for a couple of hours not really knowing where this dog was," Schlaich said. "We didn't really know how it would be taken care of at the boarding facility. The dog has been in a crate for two days and it's an 8-week-old puppy."

What happened to his dog? The dog was supposed to get on a plane in Virginia and fly to Minneapolis to grab a flight to Boise. Instead, according to WPTV, the dog ended up on a cross-country adventure, stopping in Detroit before heading to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City and then finally arriving in Boise. 

After a few extra days, the dog was finally united with its new family. 

A Delta spokesperson apologized for the incident and said the family has been refunded for the shipping costs. 

"We know pets are important members of the family and apologize for the delayed shipment of a dog, which is now in the hands of its owner, after it was routed to the wrong destination. We have fully refunded the shipping costs and have initiated an immediate review procedures to understand what happened."

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