Vote Now For The 1st Round in GaS's Baby Animal Bracket!

Let's face it, your college basketball bracket has already been busted (thanks UMBC...). The good news? You still have a chance to reclaim your pride by picking the big winner in Gary and Shannon's Baby Animal Bracket. 

Hold your head high at the breakfast table again as you regale your family about the Cinderella story of the Baby Sloth, who faced overwhelming odds to compete in this year's tournament of champions. 

Bracket selection has closed, and voting for round one has begun. Voting ends Wednesday morning, with the winners announced at 10 a.m. 

It's up to you to help keep your favorites in the game and help them overcome the odds by checking back every day and voting them through each round as you try to find something in your life that keeps your co-workers from mocking you for picking MSU to go the whole way. 

Vote for your favorites here! Check back on Wednesday to find out who won the first round!

Click here to Vote now! 

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