Police Seeking Suspect In Street Vendor Beating

Photo: GoFundMe

Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects who robbed and severely beat a South Los Angeles street vendor over the weekend. 

Pedro Reyes was attacked on Sunday as he and several other vendors were getting ready to begin the day's work in the area of San Pedro and 31st streets. According to police who reviewed security video form area businesses, the attackers included at least five to six males and one female. 

The 54-year-old Reyes was hospitalized with facial fractures, a broken jaw and a cut throat. He also had several other teeth knocked out relatives say. 

In a post on a GoFundMe page set up to help Reyes with his medical bills, Reyes' stepson talks about his father's brutal beating. 

This morning, my stepfather was violently beaten while getting ready to sell fruit in Downtown L.A. Two cars filled with men rushed him and and other vendors and demanded their money. My stepfather gave them the money but they still brutally beat him. His entire face was fractured, his jaw broken in 3, his throat cut, and several teeth knocked out. He has already gotten stitches on his lips and is awaiting surgery tomorrow. 

Reyes' stepson describes his father as a hard-working man who has no health insurance. 

My stepfather is hardworking man from Oaxaca, Mexico who has no health insurance. He works 7 days a week as a roofer Monday-Saturday and a fruit vendor on Sundays. Unfortunately, doctors say his recovery will take at least 6 months and he will have to be fed with a straw. 

"He was just trying to make a living, and he was victimized, for no reason whatsoever,'' LAPD Lt. David Krumer told Fox11. "It's absolutely tragic. All people deserve to feel safe in the area that they're working and living (in).''

Video showed the attackers getting out of two vehicles and demanding money from the vendors. Despite giving his money to the suspects, Reyes was beaten by the attackers, while two other vendors suffered minor injuries. 

Anyone with any information about the crime is encouraged to call (877) LAPD-247. 

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