What's So Different About American St.Patrick's Day?

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St. Patrick's day is fast approaching, which means Irish pubs all over America will be scrambling to accommodate the busy festival. Bars typically begin their day at 7 AM welcoming customers all throughout the night. 

According to Paddy Barry's Irish Pub owner, Brendan Barry, Americans have taken on their own variation of the celebration. Barry who hails straight from Ireland, said that he definitely enjoys the twist of tradition. 

Check out some of the ways Americans celebrate St. Patrick's day different than Ireland below: 

1. Food

In Irish it is a tradition to devour a nice home cooked meal of bacon and cabbage. In America that nostalgic meal has actually turned into corned beef and cabbage. Why? When the Irish came to America, they did not have access to Bacon. So corned beef it was! 

2. Kegs and Eggs 

As soon as the sun rises, the doors to bars are opening and welcoming customers in what is known as Kegs and Eggs. Many bars around America take part in the festivities although it stems from the bigger annual celebration in Albany, NY. In Ireland however, St. Patrick's day begins with a visit to church, then families will head to a parade. After they will have a couple of drinks with dinner and end their night listening to music. 

3. Jameson Whiskey

Bars in America are likely to sell 6 times the amount of Jameson Whiskey shots than they would on an average night. Pub owner Brendan Barry said “There is no one in Ireland, which I knew in my circle, who would drink Jameson raw.” In Ireland, they are more likely to mix their Jameson or just have a Guinness. 

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