Be The STAR In Your Workout Class

I'm scouring the internet daily for fun videos to make you smile and they're usually animal videos.

But then I happened upon Jake DuPree....and I realized, I MUST have him in my life...every day.

I think what I first noticed is that you can find his Facebook page by searching @JakeTheUnicorn.  On his website it says that Jake is: Glitter Fantasy the Unicorn. Barre Fitness Instructor. Comedian. Host. Dancer.

He's insanely fit, extremely entertaining, hilarious, amazingly fabulous and such a joy to watch.

He's done a lot of videos for PopSugarFitnessIn his latest workout video, he shows you how to be the STAR of your fitness class, and it's hilarious to watch, it's the first video below. 

Now, I could never make it through one of his videos, I'd probably pee myself from laughing so hard, but I'm working on it Jake!  I'm working on it!

Check out Jake's website.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter @Jake_DuPree and Instagram @jakedupree

Last year, he did a Bachelorette party workout...also amazingly fabulous! 

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