Our Children's Homework With The Dad Podcast

For many parents, homework is a very touchy subject.

It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on it.  Some people advocate for homework, while some are okay with as long as it is challenging, while others strongly oppose it.

What's the right answer?  Should school continue once the child is home?  Should time at home be left for interacting with the family and exploration?  What about extracurricular activities?

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast has been there with his own children.

"As a parent, I have very mixed feelings about homework. On one side, I like that it can create a sense of work ethic and I use it as an example of it being their job. 

But, there seems to be a growing pushback against homework, saying that it gets in the way of family time. I can definitely relate to that too.

If I was forced to pick one side over the other, I think I would opt for less. Except if a kid is struggling academically."

There really is no easy answer.

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